About Us

Propbidder, Inc. (www.propbidder.com) is an online bidding platform for buying and selling homes and condos. We work with real estate agents, sellers, and buyers to provide a completely online digital bidding experience, in order to transact homes.

How it Works

  • Seller/agent submits a property request: https://www.propbidder.com/sell.
  • PropBidder confirms registration with seller/agent, and mutually determines a future bid/transaction date (anywhere from 10 days to 90 days out).
  • PropBidder works with seller/agent to gather transaction requirements and preferences, such as desired selling price, minimum reserve price, minimum number of bidders/buyers, and a defined bidding window (ranges from 1-48 hours).
  • PropBidder works with seller/agent to add marketing horsepower and increase the potential buyer pool. We pre-qualify buyers and gather all relevant disclosures ahead of the transaction/bid date.
  • PropBidder hosts the online real-time transaction/bidding event.
  • Home is sold only if desired price is met. Transaction closes.

Who We Serve

Sellers & Listing Agents

Increase Buyer DemandSave Time On Negotiating Save Money On Marketing

Buyers & Buying Agents

More TransparencyFinding Good DealsFaster Closing

Strong Real Estate Domain & Tech Expertise Among
Founding Team, Mentors, & Advisors